Shaina Parks Photography: Blog en-us (C) Shaina Parks Photography (Shaina Parks Photography) Thu, 19 Apr 2018 14:08:00 GMT Thu, 19 Apr 2018 14:08:00 GMT Shaina Parks Photography: Blog 120 80 Tim & Natalie Tim and Natalie live in the state of Washington! Tim grew up in Maryland so they are coming back in August this year to be married at Running Hare Vineyard. So while they were here to prepare some things for their wedding we took a Friday afternoon to meet for their engagement session. 

It was FREEZING. Although the sun was shinning, things still hadn't begun to bloom yet, but we still were able to get gorgeous shots.

This couple is beautiful and I am very excited to be a part of their wedding in August! Can't wait to be back with them. 


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Brittany & Ryan mommy and me I have been slacking so much when it comes to my blog, but this year my goal is to try to keep this more updated and have a great year!! 

So to start my blog off for this year, with the busy schedule of sessions and weddings.. We will begin with the start of my mommy and me mini sessions.//


I don't think we could have had a better day for this session. The weather was perfect and the sun was shining, it was an amazing day! I was a bit nervous when we scheduled it ahead of time with the way the weather has been for the past month, I was afraid we were going to have a freezing day. Nope, just an 80 degree day. So we planned it perfectly... I had such a blast hanging out with these two. Can't wait for their newest arrive to come in just a matter of weeks! Ryan is going to be a big brother to a little brother! Then Brittany looking flawless as always, she looked awesome in her floral dress. I loved it!



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mommy & me mini sessions 2018 mommy and me mini sessions are some of my favorite mini sessions! I can't believe we are already coming to this time of the year again but here we are! I'm not complaining, seeing as it means warmer weather is coming. I love warm weather! 

This year I am going with just a sweet, simple set up.  I hope to see you at these mini sessions! 

Send me an email if interested!

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Favorites of 2017  

I love the idea of doing a blog like this to dedicate for my adventures throughout 2017. It was definitely a fun and exciting year for me and I loved every session and wedding that I got to be a part of. Photography was something I grew fond of while I was in High School and it has been something that has only grown to me more as the years have gone by. It has helped me meet incredible people that I have adored greatly. I hope to see them all again in this new year, 2018. This year I look forward to seeing what the year brings and can't wait for the weddings and sessions that I get to be a part of! 


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Matt & Kelsey wedding day I was so excited to be part of this couples big day. I've known Kelsey for what seems like years now and I was so honored she had asked me to be a part of her special day! That entire week I was so worried about the weather as everything was outdoors, they had chances for rain that entire weekend.. Luckily, this couple had the perfect day. It was a nice warm October day, and no rain tried crashing in on their big day! 

Another special thing about this wedding was it took place at her fathers farm, in Leonardtown. How special is that?! I love how a place that is like a home to Kelsey, she was able to have her wedding there. 

Here are a few of my many favorites from this wedding day. I wish them so much happiness and can't wait to see them again! 







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Christmas mini sessions this year Christmas minis were a total success! some rough weather on some of the dates they took place, but we still managed to wiggle around those rainy days and get some great shots! 

Have I ever said how much I love my job?! Photography has let me meet some wonderful new families and I'm so very glad I have been able to be a part of a special time with them. 

This year, I went with something a little different, although a few of them were scheduled at the tree farm, others were scheduled away from the tree farm with this adorable little set up I made up. I don't know what it is with me a teepees but I love having them with children in photographs and I definitely plan to use it for other types of sessions too! 

Here are a few from each session that I did for this season, and I love them all! 

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Jessie Ricky engagement SO happy that I was able to photograph this sweet couples engagement. I had such a blast with them during the session in Solomons. They look absolutely perfect together. They were wonderful to work with and I found that I didn't even need to tell them so much what to do, some things were just natural. <3 

Its hard to pick a favorite from this session as I have so many that were perfect so here are a  few of my many favorites!  

I wish them so much happiness for the future! Even though they don't have a wedding date picked yet, I really hope to be a part of their wedding day and see them again! 




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Kayleigh Apple pies Another success time with this little girl! I seriously love when I get to see her! She has such a spunky and fiery personality. She likes doing her own thing when doing a photo session. That worked out so perfectly for this session! She got to hold and play with apples which surprisingly, she found to be very humorous and fun to do! 

Can't wait for next time little Kayleigh! 







































































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The Terrell Family  

Love when I get to see this sweet family! I met them in 2013, I think it was?! First engagement, then wedding, pregnancy, family session, first birthday... Now another pregnancy! So exciting. Love that I have been able to be a part of their biggest milestones as a family. 

As always it is so great when I get to see them. Can't wait for in a few weeks when they will be welcoming baby Leah and I get to see them again! 








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Christmas 2017 mini sessions This year so very excited for Christmas minis! Last year I did them at Friendship Forest Christmas Tree Farm which turned out to be so much fun and a wonderful time there meeting the owner of the farm. 

So this year, i will be offering sessions there again, limited slots and dates. If the farm doesn't work out for you and you prefer to do a Christmas session with a different setting (not tree farm) then we can schedule for another time and set up! 

Christmas sessions are one of my favorite sessions to photograph, so I  can't wait! 

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Kayleigh is one! I love when I get to see little Kayleigh and her parents! They seriously are such a perfect little family. 

Love when I get to see the little ones throughout the year and how each time how much they've changed and how much their personalities have really come out! Kayleigh is such a perfect little girl, when she gives you that big smile you can't help but to laugh and smile with her! I remember getting to meet her around Christmas time for family photos and now she's about to turn one! I can't believe it! 

Happy first birthday little Kayleigh, I know mommy and daddy will be making sure you have the best birthday! 

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The Pfannenstein Family We were so lucky with this session, the weather was beautiful this evening in Solomons. From going from these roasting, hot and humid summer days, when there is a day that it feels wonderful and is beautiful outside, those are my happy days when I'm at work. It's not me that I'm worried about, it's the families! I want them to feel comfortable while having their photos taken! 

I've known Nikki since we were in High School, so it is always so nice to see her and her family, they are perfect! With little Allen, running around having the time of his life, he just welcomed a new baby brother. Soon enough both these boys will be running around together! 

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The Guyette Family I met this wonderful family last year during a mommy and me session! I have done several sessions with them since then and am always happy to see them when I do!

For this time, we were taking pictures of baby Luke who they just introduced to the world, who is absolutely perfect in every way! 


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Tiffany - Breastfeeding journey Love when I get to see these two! Little Bella and her mommy have been on their breastfeeding journey for nine months now. 

Mommy wanted me to photograph this special moment she gets to have with her little one! 

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Kelsey + Matt engagement It is hard to believe that summer is about to approach us! Where has this year even gone?! We're already in the middle of the year and I feel like we just celebrated Christmas. The water is getting warmer out which means more beach and swimming days! Then when Fall approaches it will be a big celebration for these two! 

I seriously can't wait for their big celebration. Love the way they look at each other, so the wedding day will be epic! 

Matt sure knows how to pick a ring! 

I think it is safe to say Kelsey can have a fierce look and nail it!  


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Spring mini sessions It's finally that time of the year! The weather is getting warmer, things are beginning to bloom and gardening and outside outdoor projects are beginning. I think this time of the year is my favorite. I love being outdoors with my babies and having a fun time! 

So now, It's getting to that time of the year to start booking to get those photos updated. 

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Emily + Richard wedding day Emily and Richard's wedding day may have been a cold winter day, but the day was a bright, sunny and beautiful day. I know Emily had been looking so forward to this for some time, since she had been planning for two years! Ceremony took place at Our Lady of the Wayside Church in Chaptico, followed by the reception at Bowles Farm in Clements. 

I wish them so much happiness as they deserve it!

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Bella is six months! I met this family in 2015 when we were talking of wedding planning! They really are such a sweet family and I'm glad I get to call Tiffany a friend (the mommy). Then right around Valentine's Day I got to meet this sweet little girl! Bella is one of the most happiest babies I've met or perhaps I just met her on a good day. She was smiles and baby talk the entire time I got to snap pictures of her. She's absolutely adored, that's for sure! Can't believe she is already 6 months old. It seems like it was weeks ago that her mommy said she finally arrived!



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Christmas mini sessions So excited to be offering this Christmas mini special this year! The Christmas mini sessions will begin at the end of October as I want to try to do them as earliest as I can before the cold weather really starts to come in. We don't need to have cold little ones during the session and getting upset! :) 


The earlier the session is schedule the quicker the Christmas cards can also be ordered so there aren't any last minute ordering and worrying if the cards will come in on time. 


This session can go forward to families, couples or engagements that would like to have that Christmas theme look. What you are looking for I'm sure we can make it work. 

I have plenty of ideas if we have children involved, don't hesitate to ask! 

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Fall mini sessions  



Not interested in a Christmas mini session but would still like to have some photos throughout Fall? No worries, fall mini sessions are an option that you can decide on. 

The fall mini session will only be offered for a limited amount of time as the Christmas sessions will begin at the end of October. 




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