Hello I'm Shaina! 

You will find that I often have my camera on hand or at least my phone snapping photos of my own little family. I have an incredible, husband, Corey who has helped me in so many ways to get where I am today. Together we have two children, Jackson, who we welcomed in August 2012 and Alikai, who we welcomed in September 2016. 

My adventure with photography began when I was in High School and my passion for it has only grown since. While I was growing up my mom always had a camera around to take pictures with. Which I often tried to borrow and use. Growing up my dreams were to become a photographer, actress or own my own wedding venue. I have always had big dreams, so at least one of them came true! :)

I found that my photography dreams grew more when my son was born. Watching him grow so quickly I wanted to be able to photograph every special moment that I was able too. When someone says time flies when once you have children, they really aren't kidding! 

It was shortly after that I decided I wanted to further my passion by reaching out to others that would let me photograph their families and special moments for permanent keepsake. It makes me so happy when I am able to photograph others; the laughter, the silly moments, and seeing happy, smiling faces. It helps keep a special moment in time that you will always be able to have to look back on for years to come. 

I look forward to speaking with you and meeting your family.


photo CC: Candice Nicole Photography