Hello I'm Shaina! 

Very often you will find my camera in my hand or my phone to snap photos of my own little family. My daily adventures begin with my husband, Corey and our two little ones, Jackson and Alikai.  I have had a passion for photography since I was in High School. When I was growing up I had big dreams and wanted to become an actress, photography or own my own wedding venue. Dream big!  

I found that my photography passion grew more when my son was born. He was growing so quickly, I wanted to photograph every special moment with him. When someone says time flies once you have children, they really aren't kidding!  It was shortly after that in 2012 I decided to take the plunge and further my passion by reaching out to others that would let me photograph their families and special moments for permanent keepsake. It makes me so happy when I am able to photograph others; the laughter, silly moments, and seeing happy faces. It makes my heart happy that I am able to keep a special moment in time that you will always be able to have to look back on for years to come. 

I look forward to speaking with you and meeting your family.


photo CC: Candice Nicole Photography